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Recoil Reptiles open sided V70 snake rack.  Great for adult Ball Pythons or sub adult Boas.  Made from 1/2 inch XPVC. 


*Thermostat is Required for any type of heating, Thermostat not included.

Shop our store for Thermostats here.


Belly Heat: 108 Watts


Available assembled with or without tubs for local pick or delivery to any of the shows we are vending.  Please select Local Pick up at check out.



 *price is for base model without options.

Please make a selection for all options to see updated price.


The Iris CB-70 tub has been the workhorse of the Ball Python breeding world for over a decade now.  We took a great household storage tub and made it better for the purposes of animal husbandry.  The Vision V-70 tub has the same dimensions as the CB-70 tub and is 25% thicker, heavier and stronger and is all smooth on the bottom for easier cleaning and a smoother sliding tub.


Model V - 70 Tub Dimensions 34" 17.5" x 5.3"

Rack Dimensions - 19"w x 34.5"d x 30.75"t



5 level V70 Rack

PriceFrom $495.00
Pick Up Only, Expected Ready for Pick Up in 8 to 10 Weeks.
  • TUBS

    Model V - 70 Tub Dimensions 34" 17.5" x 5.3"


    19"w x 34.5"d x 30.75"t

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