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5 level V70 Rack with 6" Recessed Belly Heat

Recoil Reptiles open sided V70 snake rack. Great for adult Ball Pythons or sub adult Boas. Made from 1/2 inch XPVC and heated with 6" recessed Belly Heat. 5 V70 tubs included. Lead time on our racks are normally 2 to 3 weeks.

The Iris CB-70 tub has been the workhorse of the Ball Python breeding world for over a decade now. We took a great household storage tub and made it better for the purposes of animal husbandry.
The Vision V-70 tub has the same dimensions as the CB-70 tub and is 25% thicker, heavier and stronger and is all smooth on the bottom for easier cleaning and a smoother sliding tub.

Model V - 70 Tub Dimensions 34" 17.5" x 5.3"

Rack Dimensions - 19"w x 34.5"d x 30.75"t


Our Racks and Enclosures are only available for local pickup or delivery to any of the shows we are vending.  Please select Local Pick up at check out.  No shipping available at this time.  Thank You.

  • Lead Times

    Lead time is usually 2 weeks.  even if item shows instock.

  • Dimensions


    Model V - 70 Tub Dimensions 34" 17.5" x 5.3"


    19"w x 34.5"d x 30.75"t

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    Shipping not available for this item.