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Herpstat 4 SpyderWeb Professional Environmental Control for Reptile Habitats


The Herpstat 4 SpyderWeb sets a new standard in reptile habitat control with its advanced features and expanded capabilities. Building on the success of its predecessors, this model introduces two additional outputs, totaling four, for enhanced versatility and precision.


Key Features:

  • Proportional Heating: Constantly adjusts heat to maintain temperatures between 40°F to 150°F (4°C to 65°C) for optimal reptile comfort.


  • Soft Startup: Gradually applies power during warm-ups to prevent temperature fluctuations.


  • Multi-Functional Configuration: Controls heating, cooling, lighting, or humidity, adapting to various habitat needs.


  • Customizable Lighting: Simulates natural day-night cycles with sunrise/sunset and moonlight settings.


  • Temperature and Light Ramping: Smooth transitions between day and night settings for gradual environmental changes.


  • Sensor Matching: Digitally calibrates sensor outputs for precise compatibility with other equipment.


  • Auto Power Matching: Adjusts power output to maximize enclosure efficiency.


  • Scheduled Temperature Settings: Up to four periods per day per output, mimicking natural temperature fluctuations.


  • High/Low Temperature Tracking: Monitors and records temperature swings for efficient system management.


  • History Graph: Displays temperature regulation trends over time for detailed analysis.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enables remote monitoring via web browser on PC or mobile devices, with email notifications and status updates.


  • Color LCD Display: Customizable display for enhanced user interface experience.


  • Security Features: Includes passcode protection against unauthorized access and internal error detection for added safety.


  • Memory Retention: Stores settings even during power loss for continuous operation.


  • Audible Alarm System: Alerts users to critical conditions with audible notifications.


  • Safety Features: Internal safety relay cuts power to all outputs under set conditions for added protection.


  • User-Friendly Maintenance: Removable sensors and user-replaceable fuses ensure easy upkeep.


  • Power Capacity: Supports up to 400 watts per output at 120V for robust performance.


  • Warranty: Backed by a 1-year limited warranty for peace of mind.


The Herpstat 4 SpyderWeb Professional Environmental Control offers unparalleled functionality and reliability, making it the ideal choice for maintaining precise environmental conditions in reptile habitats.

Herpstat 4 SpyderWeb Professional Environmental Control for Reptile Habitats

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