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Herpstat 6 Professional Environmental Control for Reptile Habitats


The Herpstat 6 is the ultimate vivarium controller, offering advanced features for precise environmental control in reptile habitats. With six individually configurable probe and outlet jacks, this unit ensures customizable management of temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions.


Key Features:

  • Six Individually Configurable Outlets: Capable of true proportional heating, cooling, and lighting control.


  • Built-in Mechanical Relay: Safely cuts power circuit to all six outlets in case of solid-state component failure.


  • Humidity Control: Manage humidity with timed misting sessions or optional humidity sensor for precise regulation.


  • Soft Startup: Gradually adds power during warm-ups to prevent temperature spikes.


  • Light Ramping: Simulates sunrise and sunset with user-selectable ramping for natural day-night transitions.


  • Auto Power Matching: Adjusts power output for optimal temperature regulation.


  • High/Low Temperature Tracking: Monitors temperature swings and records events for efficient enclosure management.


  • Fan-less Design: Operates silently for undisturbed reptile habitats.


  • Basking Assist: Supports heating lamps as a heat source for basking.


  • Safety Features: Includes a safety relay to disconnect power in case of errors, ensuring safety for both reptiles and equipment.


  • Sensor Matching: Digitally calibrate sensor output to match other equipment for accurate readings.


  • Night Drop Feature: Real-time clock enables individual night drop settings for each output.


  • Cooling Function: Controls basic cooling devices for temperature regulation.


  • Precision Sensors: Internal resolution of .1125 °F with accuracy to ± .9 °F for precise temperature monitoring.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Backlit LCD display with intuitive controls for easy programming.


  • Memory Retention: Saves settings even during power loss for continuous operation.


  • Audible Alarm System: Alerts for high/low temperature thresholds and system errors.


  • Security Passcode: Protects settings from unauthorized access.


  • Separate Fusing: Each output is fused separately to prevent outages from affecting other outputs.


  • Robust Power Capacity: Each output rated at 375 watts (1800 watts total) suitable for incubators, rack systems, and large enclosures.


  • Dimensions: 10.5" W x 2.75" H x 7.5" D (additional space required for cords exiting the back).


  • Warranty: Backed by a 1-year limited warranty for peace of mind.


The Herpstat 6 Professional Environmental Control is designed to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professionals, ensuring optimal conditions for reptile health and habitat management.

Herpstat 6 Professional Environmental Control for Reptile Habitats

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