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Professional Environmental Control for Reptile Habitats


Enhance your reptile care with advanced environmental controllers that offer precise temperature, lighting, and humidity control. Designed in desktop-style cases for easy placement atop racks, cages, or incubators, these controllers feature dual proportional temperature modes (Dimming or Pulse) for optimal customization and proportional heating. A built-in soft startup ensures gentle power application during warm-ups, while user-selectable temperature and light ramping facilitates gradual day-to-night transitions.


Key Features:


  • Proportional Heating: Constantly monitors and adjusts the amount of heat to maintain a target temperature (usable range from 40°F to 150°F or 4°C to 65°C).


  • Sensor Matching: Digital calibration to align sensor output with other equipment.


  • Configurability: Supports Heating, Cooling, Lighting, or Humidity functions.


  • Basking Assist: Specifically supports basking lights as a heat source.


  • Auto Power Matching: Adjusts power output to match enclosure efficiency.


  • High / Low Temperature Tracking: Monitors heating system and enclosure efficiency.


  • Precision Sensor: Internal resolution of .1125 °F and accuracy of ± .9 °F.


  • Memory Retention: All settings saved even during power loss.


  • Display Options: Temperature display and setting in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


  • Backlit LCD Display: Clear visibility in any lighting condition.


  • Safety Features: Includes a built-in safety relay and timeout function for added protection.


  • Output Capacity: Up to 700 watts for robust heating capabilities.


  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty.


Note: The Herpstat 1 is a single-output controller designed for either temperature or humidity control. For simultaneous control of both, consider the Herpstat 2 or Herpstat 4 models with the optional humidity probe.


Ensure optimal conditions for your reptiles with professional-grade environmental control from Herpstat.

Herpstat 1 Professional Environmental Control for Reptile Habitats

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