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Quality Built from 1/2” XPVC and provides a well-insulated environment so you can easily control Temperatures and Humidity. XPVC also provides a sleek modern look to compliment your existing furniture and is much lighter weight than wood or melamine. It features ¼” Sliding Glass doors on the front for viewing and easy front access. The Glass is easily removed for cleaning. The rest is fully enclosed providing security for your animals. It has a total of 2 – 4” vents for keeping the enclosure well ventilated while still maintaining temperature and humidity.


This setup is great for Bearded Dragons and Blue Tongue Skinks.

Optional Features -


Door Lock – Sliding Door Ratchet Lock w/2 keys. This will provide a peace of mind that your scaley friend stays put and hasn’t figured out how to slide the door open. Also keeps any potential for a pet or child to open it from the outside.

Inlaid Belly Heat - 12" x 18" THG Heat Tape Inlaid into the bottom of the enclosure to provive a "HOT SPOT".  Also our EXCLUSIVE Probe Channel provides a safe, secure place to put your thermostat probe.    You wont have to worry about your snake getting stuck in any tape or getting wrapped up in the cord.



Ceramic Light Fixtures - (only available in 18 inch or taller cages) - Single or Dual Ceramic fixtures for Basking Lamps or Ceramic Heat Emitters. (Bulbs Not Included).  These are installed in the top of the cage and trimmed out to cover the base and cord.


T5 UVB Fixture - We will install a T5 UVB fixture in the cage.  Fixture will accomodate 6%, 12% or 14% HO T% UVB bulb.  ProT5 uses the very finest electrical components to ensure safe running and long lamp life. Each bar has inbuilt over-voltage, over current, over heating and short circuit protection. ProT5 is Teflon free and free from any reflector coatings that absorb UV.


*Thermostat is Required for any type of heating, not included.

Shop our store for Thermostats here.


****Price is for base model without options. Please make selection for all options to see updated price. ***

This Item is only available for local pickup or delivery to any of the shows we are vending. Please select Local Pick up at check out.  Shipping for this item is not available at this time. Thank You.

Lizard 48 x 24 x 24 Inch XPVC Enclosure

PriceFrom $400.00
Expected to Ship or Ready for Pick Up in 8 to 10 Weeks.
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