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VE-200 Proportional Thermostat


Enhance temperature control for your reptile enclosures with the VE-200 Proportional Thermostat, designed for tabletop convenience and versatile functionality. Ideal for racks or cages, this thermostat offers precise temperature regulation with multiple operating modes.


Key Features:

  • Convenient Tabletop Mounting: Designed to sit securely on racks or cages for easy visibility and access.


  • Full Back-lit Display: Clearly displays probe temperature, set points, and current time for straightforward monitoring.


  • Hi/Lo History: Tracks temperature fluctuations for enhanced environmental monitoring.


  • Night Drop Capability: Requires ND Module for independent nighttime temperature adjustments.


  • Memory Retention: Saves settings during power outages for uninterrupted operation.


  • Built-in Safety Shutoff Relay: Provides added security by disconnecting power in case of malfunction.


  • Grounded Receptacle: Ensures safe and reliable power distribution.


  • 700 Watt Capacity: Supports up to 700 watts with a user-replaceable fuse (spare fuse included).


  • Stackable Design: Allows multiple units to stack neatly, maintaining a professional appearance.


  • Pulse Proportional, Dimming Proportional OR On/Off Capable: Choose between modes for optimal heating control.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Features a 3-button keyboard and large back-lit display for easy navigation and programming.


  • Versatile Compatibility: Now suitable for use with incandescent light bulbs (Dimming Mode) and other reptile heaters (Pulse or Dimming Mode).


The VE-200 Proportional Thermostat combines ease of use with advanced functionality, making it an essential tool for maintaining precise environmental conditions in reptile habitats. Perfect for hobbyists and professionals seeking reliable temperature management.

VE-200 Proportional Thermostat

SKU: VE200
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